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The Magazine aims to promote the sharing of articles on topics relevant to the community of ALE professionals and practitioners in Africa – with a focus on new, topical information relating to the sector including new methods and approaches.

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    Peer Learning Visit to Hogoro CLC Ignites Passion and Inspires Positive Change in Strengthening ALE services - Tanzania


    | Joseph Masonda | DVV-International Community learning

    During the peer learning visit, participants had the chance to explore, ask questions, and discuss Community Learning Centres (CLCs) with their peers.
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    CEP-ALPHA Project bringing education and innovation to rural communities in Tunisia - Tunisia


    | DVV International Tunisia | DVV International Tunisia ALE Community learning

    The CEPa (CEP-alpha) project was launched in 2020 in the governate of Manouba in the north east of Tunisia. The project is being conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forestry.

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    Empowering Rural Women: The JP-RWEE Project in Tunisia - Tunisia


    | Mhimdi Nouha | DVV International Tunisia Community learning Education rights Women's empowerment

    A new project launches to empower women in Tunisia. Join us at the beginning and let’s journey together.

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    The Adult Learning Forum and Epilepsy South Africa Come Together to Strengthen Networking for Adult Learning and Education - South Africa


    | Adult Learning Forum Non-formal education Community learning

    On September 30, 2023, the Adult Learning Forum (ALF) in Cape Town partnered with Epilepsy South Africa.

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    The ICOLEW Programme: Creating Resilient and Adaptive Communities in Uganda - Uganda


    | Teddy Naluwu | Unbound, Uganda Community learning

    Tukole Integrated Community Learning for Wealth (ICOLEW) Community Empowerment Group (CEG): Practical application of learners’ knowledge since April 2023.

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    Cactourisme : Célébration de la figue de barbarie - Tunisia


    | Oumayma Kéfi | DVV international Community learning

    L'événement "Cactourisme" (Trig El Hindy), qui s'est déroulé les 2 et 3 septembre.

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    An exciting milestone on International Literacy Day in Uganda - Uganda


    | Joseph Kifampe | DVV International Uganda Community learning

    Over 1,000 adult learners graduate on International Literacy Day in Uganda

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    From Poverty To Prosperity: Available Options - South Africa


    | Sizwe Manqele, Bevil Lucas and Selby Nomnganga | Popular Education Network (PEN) Community learning

    Food insecurity affects a large number of households in South Africa.

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