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IFWEA Digital skills courses

| Southern Africa Other

New and revised self-paced digital skills courses are OPEN for enrolment from the 8th of May 2023.

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Revue MOJA d'éducation des adultes : Série de webinaires

| Africa

Le Projet Continental Africain (PCA) et MOJA vous invitent à un webinaire sur le Journal de l'Éducation des Adultes MOJA (lien) - le journal sur l'apprentissage et l'éducation des adultes en Afrique.

Le webinaire mettra en lumière deux contributions de deux éducateurs d'adultes tunisiens et béninois. Les participants auront l'occasion de rencontrer les auteurs et de discuter avec eux de leur travail.

  • Monia Manai - Monia Manai Une langue des signes pour un travail décent dans les territoires oubliés : Une approche de l'éducation des adultes
  • Laya Boni - L'éducation des adultes comme outil efficace de prévention et de gestion des conflits

DATE: 23 Mai 2023
HEURE: 14:00 – 15:15 (SAST) 15:00 - 16:15 (EAT)

S'inscrire pour participer

Prenez connaissance des auteurs.

Laya Boni écrit sur l'utilisation des cercles de littératie REFLECT dans la prévention et la gestion des conflits au Bénin. Boni soutient que la littératie peut contribuer à la cohésion sociale et à la paix dans les communautés. (Vous pouvez voir ou télécharger l'article ici).

Box PIC Monia Mania met en lumière l'impact d'une nouvelle approche de l'acquisition de la littératie. Travaillant avec des femmes de territoires marginalisés de Tunisie, elle explique l'application de l'éducation non formelle dans la construction des moyens de subsistance. (Vous pouvez voir ou télécharger l'article ici).


IFWEA Digital skills courses

| Southern Africa Other

New and revised self-paced digital skills courses are OPEN for enrolment from the 8th of May 2023.


Reimagining Education Conference

| Global Conference

April 27 – 30, 2023 | 8:30 am ET | 14:30 CET | 18:00 IST

Join this emergent movement and be inspired, build relationships, and tap into deep imagination.

Together, we’re re-imagining what learning can be.

We are many, coming from different places and paths.

The Re-imagining Education Conference (REC) is an annual 4-day long intensive online conference, bringing people together across geographies, knowledge systems and experiences. The abundance of tools and knowledge shared in the conference also reverberates in our micro conferences happening every two months throughout the year in a more intimate setting.

REC is organized within and throughout the large web of the Ecoversities Alliance, a coalition of educators, of learners, practitioners, communities, weavers, and dreamers from a plurality of worldviews, backgrounds, and experiences.

Over the past 2 years, the conference has brought together over

2000 people, 280 contributors, and more than 50 organizations from 6 continents.

Through the conference, our hope is to make space for questions to surface and relations to emerge and strengthen.

  • How can we learn from “other worlds” to enrich all our worlds?
  • How can we listen to what is alive and emergent and integrate it into our daily practices?
  • How can academics nurture and be nurtured by nonconventional spaces that are re-imagining education and life?
  • What if our places of learning oriented away from learning about the world in order to act upon it, to learning to become with the world around us?

What questions will you bring?

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Webinar: Consensus Building – What do ALE stakeholders really expect from each other?

| Africa

Exploring the roles and expectations of different stakeholders involved in the ALE (Adult Learning and Education) system with the objective of building consensus between stakeholders towards optimised ALE service delivery and a stronger system.

Date and Time

20 April 2023: 2 hours (Scheduled across different time zones)

Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania: 14h00-16h00 | South Africa, Malawi: 13h00-15h00

Click here to register


The following participants are welcome to register and attend the webinar:

  • ALL current ALESBA online training course participants as well as their colleagues and stakeholders/partner organisations they work with.
  • Anyone involved in the ALE system e.g., from government (at all levels and from different sectors), NGOs (local and international), Universities (lecturers and Adult Education students) and Adult Education institutions.
  • Participants from Africa as well as other countries.

Objectives of the webinar

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of consensus building among all stakeholders towards a stronger ALE system and service delivery.
  • Share a practical case study from Uganda on the challenges, successful entry points for consensus building and the benefits for the ALE system and service delivery (panel discussion).
  • Provide opportunity for webinar participants to contextualise the possibilities for their own country context.

Moderator and Speakers

The webinar will be moderated by Sonja Belete (Author of ALESBA booklets and trainer for the online course) with technical assistance from Lindia Trout (MOJA) and input from David Harrington (Project Director African Continental Project, DVV International). The following speakers and representatives from stakeholders in Uganda will be on the panel:

  • National Government: Mr. Everest Tumwesigye: Commissioner Community Development and Literacy - Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) Uganda
  • National Government: Mrs. Imelda Kyaringabira: National ICOLEW Coordinator - MGLSD Uganda
  • Local Government: Mr. Geoffrey Akena: District Community Development Officer (MGLSD) – Nwoya, Uganda
  • International NGO: Mr. Caesar Kyebakola - DVV International Uganda Country Director
  • Local NGO: Ms. Teddy Naluwu – Country Coordinator - UNBOUND Uganda
  • University representative: Prof Ephraim Nuwagaba (Kyambogo University, Uganda)





Introduction to the webinar

Welcome/introduction of speakers and participants

Moderator: Sonja Belete

15 minutes

Introduction to the MOJA and ALESBA online training

David Harrington

Sonja Belete

Introduction to the webinar topic, objectives and programme/format

Sonja Belete

Live panel discussion among diverse ALE stakeholders from Uganda – sharing experiences on consensus building (Uganda case study)

Live discussion guided by the moderator on the roles and expectations of different ALE stakeholders towards a consensus building process. The discussion will explore the journey ALE stakeholders in Uganda took and aim to identify the success factors and challenges in consensus building for optimised ALE service delivery.

Mr. Tumwesigye

Ms. Kyaringabira

Mr. Geoffrey Akena

Mr. Caesar Kyebakola

Ms. Naluwu

Prof. Ephraim Nuwagaba

Moderator: S Belete

50 minutes

Body break

A quick break before the next session

All participants

5 minutes

Plenary session Q&A

Questions/experience sharing from webinar participants & responses from the panel

Sonja Belete (moderator)

40 minutes

Webinar summary and closure

Summary of key discussion points and information on webinar report. Word of thanks and webinar closure

Sonja Belete

10 minutes


Global Campaign for Education 7th World Assembly

| Global Conference

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a member-driven Movement, uniquely comprised of national civil society coalitions and regional and international networks and organisations committed to realising the right to education. With members in more than 90 countries, the network brings together grassroots organisations, teachers’ unions, children’s and youth rights organisations, NGOs, parents’ associations and community groups. GCE’s collective work as a network encompasses collaboration at global level to influence international frameworks and policy debates.

GCE relies on the participation of its members to drive its work and achieve its goals, and the World Assembly is the movement governing body. All members of GCE meet every 4 years to vote and decide the future of the movement. The 7th World Assembly, which takes place from 22nd to 24th November in Johannesburg, South Africa plays a major part in ensuring that members truly own and lead the movement. The Assembly offers our education civil society organisations around the world an opportunity to come together as a global movement to debate emerging issues, to agree and clarify collective positions, to learn from and exchange with each other, and to set priorities and direction for the coming period.Read more

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Over 20 years of unifying civil society around advocating for the right to free, quality, inclusive public #education for all. #GAWE2022 #ProtectEiENow!


Global Campaign for Education @globaleducation

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Alternative COP: Launch of CJCM Strategic Perspectives

| Global

Launch of CJCM Strategic Perspectives

Accelerate and Deepen the Just Transition Now

Resisting Climate Apartheid and Eco-cidal Capitalism: Towards a Global Climate Justice Bloc for a Just World Peace, Earth Democracy and Climate Justice Deal for Africa

11 November 2022

13:00 - 16:00 SAST


Join the Conversation with....

Varsha Gandikota-Nellutla - Progressive International

Kumi Naidoo - Africans Rising for Justice Peace & Dignity

Nnimmo Bassey - Health of Mother Earth Foundation

Eriel Deranger - Indigenous Climate Action

Pablo Solon - Convenor of Earth Assembly Process

Dorothy Grace Guerrero - Global Justice Now

Samantha Hargreaves - WoMin

David Kenvyn - Action for Southern Africa, Scotland

Bishop Mchombo - SAFCEI & Anglican Church, Eastern Cape

12 November: Global Day of Action - CJCM call for local actions to stop more coal, oil and gas extraction in South Africa

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Revue MOJA d'éducation des adultes : Série de webinaires

| Africa

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IFWEA Digital skills courses

| Southern Africa

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