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The Magazine aims to promote the sharing of articles on topics relevant to the community of ALE professionals and practitioners in Africa – with a focus on new, topical information relating to the sector including new methods and approaches.

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    Research Without Methods: An Experiment in Socio-Ecological Sustainability Research with Rural Communities


    | Twine Bananuka, Mia Perry, Anthony Kadoma | Makerere University, University of Glasgow Research

    This article describes an improvisatory or ‘no method’ research approach in socio-ecological sustainability in two rural Ugandan communities. A team of multidisciplinary researchers purposed to understand how rural community members make sense of their role in, and relationship with, the environment.

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    Family and Intergenerational Literacy and Learning


    | Yoseph Abera Research

    FILL's (Family and Intergenerational Literacy and Learning) purpose is to improve the literacy learning and instruction of both adults and children, create a culture of learning among family members and support parents in their role as primary educators of their children. FILL's philosophy is that family is the beginning of learning.

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