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The Magazine aims to promote the sharing of articles on topics relevant to the community of ALE professionals and practitioners in Africa – with a focus on new, topical information relating to the sector including new methods and approaches.

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  • Com Dev SETA pic2

    Food Security: participation of young people in community gardens


    | Nompumelelo Cebekhulu, Sikelela Jiba and Ntombizandile Mjekula Building Community Education Programmes Food Security

    The youth unemployment rate in South Africa has drastically increased over the past few years leaving many in dire poverty.

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  • Post harvest losses

    When post-harvest losses disrupt food security efforts


    | Dyson Mthawanji | DVV Internationl Food Security

    Post-harvest losses continue to undermine efforts to end hunger in the region.

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  • Stockvault fresh vegetables and fruits156205

    World Food Day: Rural Women's Assembly Statement


    | Rural Women's Assembly Food Security

    17 October 2022

    The Rural Women's Assembly (RWA) issued a Media Statement to highlight the pressing issue of hunger in the Southern Africa region.

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  • 800px ILRI Stevie Mann Ploughing with cattle in southwestern Ethiopia

    Traditional farming methods shouldn't be disregarded


    | Anna Majavu, 6th June 2022 Food Security

    First published in the New Frame. Anna Majavu draws attention to the research of Brian Mandipaza – a researcher and farmer from Zimbabwe.

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  • 7132725989 1fea9f5c83 w Kenya Drought

    We will all die’: In Kenya, prolonged drought takes heavy toll


    | Virginia Pietromarchi Food Security

    Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar are facing ecological disasters.

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  • Agroecology

    Agroecology: Is this a pathway towards Africa’s food systems transformation?


    | Nancy Rapando & Emmanual Ochola Matsaba, East and Central Africa, Solidaridad Food Security

    The development and maintenance of secure food systems forms an important backbone of a healthy society.

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    Global environmental change and food systems in Southern Africa: the dynamic challenges facing regional policy


    | S. Drimie, J. Arntzen, P. Dube, J.S.I. Ingram, R.T Mano, C. Mataya, M.T. Muchero, E. Vhurumuku and G. Ziervogel Food Security

    The ecological crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency for countries in Africa to prioritise the development and protection of food systems.

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  • 20171101 whaun frafra potatoes peesa Solenostemon rotundifolius 7993

    How climate change contributed to Madagascar’s food crisis


    | Chris Funk | University of California Food Security

    In 2021, the United Nations announced that Madagascar was on the brink of the world’s first “climate change famine” resulting in many people suffering “catastrophic” levels of hunger.

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