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The Magazine aims to promote the sharing of articles on topics relevant to the community of ALE professionals and practitioners in Africa – with a focus on new, topical information relating to the sector including new methods and approaches.

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African Continental Project: A new departure for Adult Learning and Education in Africa

| David Harrington | DVV International ALE

In March 2021 the MOJA Adult Education Platform went online. Now, two years later, MOJA is expanding to become part of the African Continental Project (ACP).

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In search of solutions to rising unemployment

| Dyson Mthawanji | DVV International Non-formal education

Unemployment and lack of relevant skills are major challenges facing Southern Africa, particularly among young people and adults who did not go to or finish formal education.

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MOJA Journal Webinar

Webinar: MOJA Journal of Adult Education: Meet the Authors Webinar Series


In case you missed this webinar, we have recorded it for you to watch

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Seminário de Mobilização de Recursos para Alfabetização

| José Mucuapa | DVV International Mozambique Financing of Adult Learning and Education

O evento teve lugar no passado dia 20 a 21 de Abril corrente no distrito da Maxixe, província de Inhambane. Foi organizado pelo Gabinete da Esposa do Presidente da República de Moçambique em parceria com o Ministério de Educação e Desenvolvimento Humano.

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The Role of Adult Learning and Education in Malawi Vision 2063

| Dyson Mthawanji | DVV International Southern Africa Policy and legislation

As a developing country in Southern Africa, Malawi is implementing its latest development blueprint, called Malawi Vision 2063, as one way of attaining both economic and social prosperity in the country.

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Mise à jour de la Stratégie Nationale de l’Alphabétisation et l’Éducation Non-formelle (AENF) au Togo

| DVV International Togo Policy and legislation

Après huit (8) ans de mise en œuvre de la Stratégie Nationale d’Alphabétisation et d’Éducation Non Formelle (AENF) au Togo (2014 – 2022), il convient de l’évaluer pour l’adapter à la nouvelle donne.

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Tanzania ALE CLC

Community Learning Spaces: innovative approaches to lifelong learning in Tanzania

| Matteo Mwita (Capacity Development Advisor, Tanzania) and Rita Kahurananga (Programme and Partnership Advisor), DVV International. | DVV International Community learning

“Elimu endelevu kwa watu wote Tanzania” is a slogan that means “life-long learning for all in Tanzania.

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The Journey towards Professionalization in Adult Learning and Education in East / Horn of Africa

| Frauke Heinze, Regional Director East / Horn of Africa | DVV International

A globally applicable curriculum for training adult educators is not only an ambitious goal but is also in high demand internationally.

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