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Worshop Report - Adult Learning and Education System Building Approach - Ethiopia, 2021

This workshop brought together Director Generals, Directors and senior experts from the Ministry of Education, Regional Education Bureaus and selected woreda health offices involved in delivering adult learning and education services to youth and adults in Ethiopia. An overview of ALESBA was presented, covering the conceptual framework of the five distinct phases, the roles and responsibilities assigned to different stakeholders, and information on how it has been operationalised in Ethiopia. Participants went through a process of analysing the results of a peer review assessment carried out in 2018 and agreed on priority interventions for the strengthening of the ALE system in Ethiopia. In addition, the design and status of school-based adult learning and education programmes were discussed.

Worshop Report Adult Learning and Education System Building Approach Ethiopia 1.28 MB

Organisation DVV International, East Africa Region Office

Author DVV International and Ministry of Education, Ethiopia.

Publication Date 12 July 2023

Topic System-building approach in ALE

Region East Africa

Sector Civil society organisation / NGO

Type Meeting