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Adult Education and Social Justice: International Perspectives

Adult Education and Social Justice International Perspectives3850 covercropped

The world currently faces three major crises: climate change threatening lives and species, unprecedented migration levels, and growing threats to democratic principles due to neo-nationalism and authoritarianism. Despite these challenges, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to advocate for the value of education and learning globally. Lalage Bown, a prominent figure in adult education, dedicated her life to promoting social justice through education, particularly in post-colonial regions. This book explores the contemporary relevance of her work and aims to honor her legacy by analyzing its impact on policy, practice, advocacy, and research in adult education. Bown, often referred to as "the mother of adult education in Africa," left a profound impact on education and equality, particularly for women, before her passing in 2021. The co-editors of this book, who knew her personally and professionally, aim to honor her intellectual contributions and enduring legacy through their work.

Adult Education and Social Justice International Perspectives3850 3.089 MB

Organisation Firenze University Press

Author edited by Maria Slowey, Heribert Hinzen, Michael Omolewa, Michael Osborne

Publication Date 30 November 2023

Topic ALE

Region Global

Sector Academia

Type Research paper