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The Women's Circle activating for change

20 March 2021 | The Women's Circle Innovative Practice

The Women’s Circle (TWC) is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) run by women who are actively working to strengthen the provision of free education on community health problems across 12 communities of Cape Town, South Africa ( known as the Cape Flats).

We achieve this by identifying free available venues within communities, by extending opportunities to participate to community members and by identifying partners who specialize in education topics relevant to various community issues.

TWC objectives:

  • To increase the participation of poor and marginalized women in society.

  • Health Promotion

  • Youth and adult economic development

  • Food Security (Stokvels)

  • Building Women’s Activism


The TWC reaches up to 3000 participants a year. These participants gain access not only to education but also to basic skills training supported by small manufacturing incubators for economic development.

Women are actively participating in the provision of non formal education (NFE) through the hosting of monthly health promotion workshops across communities. This provides people with an opportunity to analyse and seek solutions to community and individual challenges whilst enabling lifelong learning.

Women have access to a free wellness clinic which is supported by community health workers and retired health professionals.

Women’s Month and 16 days of Activism are used as platforms to increase gender awareness and advocate for no violence against women and children.

KeepYourEyesOnTheChild - Is a homework support programme which helps to reduce school drop-outs.

TWC also provides food support and helps with the development of home gardens.