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Thank you for your contribution

20 December 2023 | MOJA Team

Thank you

We would like to give special thanks to all our webinar presenters and article writers for the MOJA Journal. Also, our dedicated Editorial Board members, past and present.

Abdulai Rukaya, Adekunle Tinuoye, Anna Majavu, Bamidele Frances Onokpe, Bassirou Kebe, Batte Charles Sseruyidde, Britt Baatjes, Dupleix Kuenzob, Gladys Mponda, Dr. Heidi Bolton, Ivor Baatjes, Joan Cherop Gloria, José Mucuapa, Kabuye Agnes, Laya Boni, Linda Daniels, Matthew Atinyo, Merina Phiri, Mohammed Rekiyatu Racheal, Mondli Hlatshwayo, Monia Mania, Dr. Morgan Maphutha, Nabirye Loy Tubirabire, Nebie Bagnomo Modeste, Ruth Sakala, Said Errakib, Salome Awidi, Simone Gastl, Sophia Bweya Karingo, Zahia Kacher

It's truly a testament to the collective effort and commitment of these amazing individuals who have contributed their expertise and insights to propel the mission of lifelong learning across Africa. Their unwavering dedication has not only enriched the platform but also inspired a community of practitioners eager to engage with the transformative power of education.