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Module Five of Curriculum GlobALE Shapes the Future of Adult Education in East Africa/Horn of Africa Region

25 January 2024 | Matteo Mwita and Caesar Kyebakola | DVV International, East Africa Regional Office Participatory Teaching

Tanzania Curriculum Globale

In a transformative journey that began at the University of Dar es Salaam in September 2022, Curriculum GlobALE has emerged as a beacon, setting the pace for professional development in Adult Learning and Education (ALE) across the East Africa/Horn of Africa region. This pivotal program not only enriched the professional expertise of adult education practitioners but also fostered a strong bond among participants, transcending geographical boundaries.

The curriculum's inception took place during a conference at the University of Dar es Salaam, focusing on the opportunities and challenges in the post-CONFINTEA VII era. Module Zero unfolded in Tanzania, laying the foundation by acquainting participants with the curriculum's general goals, philosophy, content, and practical details for implementation. The aim was clear - to establish robust professional stances in ALE, prompting participants to share their individual professional backgrounds, needs, expectations, and aspirations with the trainers.

The journey towards professionalism in ALE progressed through various modules, each addressing key aspects of adult learning and education. Modules One and Two were conducted in Ethiopia and Uganda, respectively, covering the broader concepts and learning theories. Module Three delved into perceptions of communication and group dynamics, while Module Four focused on effective teaching methods.

The final module, Module Five, conducted once again in Tanzania, served as a cornerstone in shaping the training process. Participants delved into the training cycle, navigating through its five phases - needs assessment, curriculum development, planning and organization, delivery, and evaluation. Through practical sessions, participants gained hands-on experience, understanding the interconnectedness of these phases in the professional cycle of an adult educator.

Professor Katarina Popovic, the facilitator, played a crucial role in delivering effective and enriching training to Team East Africa. Participants appreciated the insights gained during the sessions, which included planning lessons, presenting them to fellow participants, and receiving evaluations from trainers.

Expressing gratitude, Mulugeta Awayeu Gugssa, a Master Trainer from Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia, noted, "I found the training helpful in getting me ready to apply it on the ground." This ceremony marked not just the completion of a programme but the beginning of a new era for adult education professionals in the East Africa/Horn of Africa region. Curriculum GlobALE has indeed set a benchmark for excellence, shaping the future of ALE in this dynamic and vibrant part of the continent.

A Master trainer’s reflections after the CG training

“One of my recent catchy phrases these days is “Elimu Haina Mwisho”, a Swahili phrase loosely translated as “Learning has no end,” attributed to late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the independence leader and founding President of the United Republic of Tanzania. This phrase illuminated my seven days at Millennium Sea Breeze Resort where Module 5, the last module of CG master training, took place. Not only did I improve my Swahili speaking skills taking home such a powerful phrase, but I also learned, relearned, and unlearned so many aspects of adult learning and education programming: from training needs assessment to evaluating the training.

Describing the trainer of the calibre of Professor Katarina Popovic is an uphill task. But I can say that once you sit in her class, you get all reason to believe that indeed “Elimu Haina Mwisho.” Prof. Katarina presented ordinary topics in extraordinary ways; in such a way that by the time I got to know that I actually knew the topic, it was almost at its tail end, yet I had learnt tens of new things.

The choice of the training venue – Bagamoyo – was a whole learning experience and environment in itself. From the weather, the people, the trades, the lifestyle … but the history behind Bagamoyo took us through lessons on the slave trade, exploration, Christianity, colonialism, trade and economics, urbanization, agriculture, and architecture and how these have influenced modern history.

My colleagues, the Curriculum GlobALE Master Trainers, were another experience for me, for I witnessed commitment to learning from these experienced men and women of East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia) like never before. Not the humidity in Bagamoyo, nor their personal responsibilities, not even creed, could hinder the enthusiasm for learning that ran into the weekend. Actually, they acted like they were in class for the first time, yet to many, the classroom is their duty station.

The exam! Yes, I celebrated passing that exam that had us on our toes and encroached on our night’s rest. Others walked barefoot along the Indian Ocean beach and relied on its cool breeze for inspiration and reflection on the exam. We were all so relieved when we finally graduated, and this was the climax of it all! Ululations sounded after an announcement of a new Certified Curriculum GlobALE Master Trainer and indeed the first on the African Continent! That was humbling!

Thank you, Team Tanzania, for hosting such an insightful learning experience. Indeed, Elimu Haina Mwisho!” - Caesar Kyebakola, Certified Curriculum GlobALE Master Trainer.