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A Legacy: Integrated Functional Adult Learning programmes in Ethiopia scaled up nationally

24 January 2024 | Eshetu Abate | DVV International Ethiopia System-building approach in ALE

Ethiopia Community Learning Centre CLC

In the East/Horn of Africa region and Ethiopia in particular, DVV International is working in bilateral agreement providing support to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and the Ministry of Education. The Ethiopian country office is based in Addis Ababa and is focusing on assisting government partners at the federal, regional, and woreda (district) levels to implement Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE) programmes, combining adult literacy with livelihoods and life skills training.

A System Building Approach (SBA) is used, which consists of various phases and tools that help create an enabling environment for the government to embed an adult education system. It focuses on putting in place all the necessary building blocks to deliver adult education services that are targeted to the needs of diverse groups.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, and with technical and financial assistance from DVV International in Ethiopia, the Regional Education Bureaus (REBs) have launched pilot community learning centres (CLCs) in 11 woredas in six regions of the country. The centres are integral in the realisation of national goals for integrated adult education that are contributing to sustainable livelihoods across the country.

Due to the success of the pilot CLCs, the REBs have set about scaling up the learning and experience gained. CLCs have been rolled out in other administrative districts using the same SBA methodology.

The Ministry of Education has adopted the CLC strategy to help promote Integrated Functional Adult Learning and Education throughout the country.

Watch the video below to learn more about the experience of CLCs in Ethiopia.