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Education for Democracy: A Dialogue


15 — 15 September 2023, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm | Cape Town

South Africa

Webinar Conference

Event by: Public Education Education Office of Parliament of South Africa, Cannon Collins Trust, Adult Learning Forum

The Education for Democracy Dialogue, is part of commemorating International Literacy Day, 9th September and International Day of Democracy, 15 September. This is a unique opportunity for scholars in the field of Education, to present their research and recommendations and allow time for brief discussion.

You are invited to join us in person, to participate in the dialogue. If you can’t be there, join us on online.

When 10am-12:30pm, 15 September

Where National Parliament of RSA, 120 Plein Street, Cape Town

Contact person | 072 767 1115


Opening and Welcome - Ms Ressida Begg, Division Manager: Core Business Support Division, Parliament of RSA

Dialogues Facilitated by Catherine Sofianos, the Canon Collins Trust

Ashley Visagie - “School Resource Officers take a militarised approach to school discipline and stigmatise poor young people and young people of colour.”

Qamani Njara - “Two recommenda(ons to help solve the literacy and arithme(c crisis in South African primary schools.”

Helga Jansen - “Alignment of South African’s local strategic development plans with TVET college offerings: An argument for policy coherence between the economy and technical and vocational training.”

Ivor Baatjes - “Centering Non-Formal Educa(on in Adult and Community Education and Community College.”

Closing by Farrell Hunter

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Upcoming events

Strategies and Practices for Building Organisation and Learning to Support Solidaristic Livelihood Alternatives against the Global Polycrisis

Join the webinar here

The Webinar will explore and discuss responses to the polycrisis of capitalism through solidaristic practices focussing on a range of alternative livelihood and other socio-economic activities.

The discussion will take the form of a panel discussion between panelists from South Africa, East Africa, and the US based on their experience in this field.

Join CIPSET for a conversation with:

  • Hibist Kassa - Policy Intertace Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Futures, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Carol Anne Spreen - Professor of International Education at New York University & visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg.
  • Angela Chukuzira - An activist based at the Ukombozi Library in Nairobi, Kenya.

Thursday 27 June 2024 at 16h00 on ZOOM. Click here to join the webinar.

for more information please contact Enver Motala 082 463 4189 or Ira Senekal 083 9516119

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EDUCON is a bi-annual research conference organised by the School of Education under the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences at The University of Namibia. This year's conference theme is "Fostering Innovative Skills-based Education in the 21st Century for Sustainable Future". The conference will take place on the 17th-19th September 2024, in Windhoek, Namibia.

The 21st century has witnessed unprecedented and disruptive changes that have impacted lives worldwide. These changes have included, among others: high levels of globalization, rapid changes in information and communication technology, 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution, the shift towards a knowledge-based society, disruptive crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and protracted wars in Ukraine and the Gaza strip, as well as global market competition fuelled by Neo-liberal policies. The unprecedented and disruptive changes have constructed a particular kind of society, a highly complex society, that demands mankind to possess a particular set of skills to successfully navigate one’s way around it and to achieve sustainability.

On the education front, the new and highly complex society demands a new kind of graduate, one with a particular set of skills or attributes to survive in the new society. Higher education, and education in general, are expected to produce a new kind of graduate, one with attributes such as: creativity, versatility, innovativeness, critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and a positive disposition towards team-work. Equally, the world of work has been redefined the world of work across all sectors of the economy, requiring transformation in our daily routines and practices of work. Present day complex society therefore calls for innovative skills-based education for a sustainable future. Through its bi-annual education conference, the EDUCON., the University of Namibia School of Education intends to explore the call of fostering innovative skills-based education in the 21st century for a sustainable future.

The overall objective of the conference is to provide a platform for educators, researchers, policy makers, and education stakeholders to explore the various avenues and possibilities of fostering innovative skills-based education in the 21st century for a sustainable future.

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Past events

Webinaire: Échanges d'expériences entre les régions Ouest et Nord de l'Afrique sur l'éducation "Parcours de la deuxième chance"

Contexte et justificatifs du webinaire :

La problématique de décrochage scolaire précoce des jeunes15/25 ans est un défi au développement socioéconomique et aux indicateurs de développement humain de tous les pays surtout nos pays africains, avec ce qui en découle en termes de problèmes à savoir la précarité sociale, la sous qualification et les difficultés à intégrer le marché de l’emploi formel et le flux de l’immigration irrégulière avec tous les drames qui vont avec.

Le projet de la deuxième chance initié depuis les années 80 du vingtième siècle sur la rive nord de la méditerrané a vu le jour au Maroc depuis maintenant une décennie et puis après dans certains pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest. Le webinaire proposé vise à mettre en relief les opportunités que peut ouvrir la deuxième chance pour la jeunesse africaine en termes de formation professionnelle et d’accompagnement à l’insertion.

S'inscrire ici pour le webinaire

Intitulé du webinaire : Echanges d’expériences entre les régions Ouest et Nord de l’Afrique sur l’Education « Parcours de la deuxième chance »

Initiateur du webinaire : le Forum marocain pour l’apprentissage tout au long de la vie ;

Partenaires du webinaire : Plateforme MOJA/ Réseau PAMOJA / DENF Maroc

Date de la tenue du webinaire : 28 Mai 2024- Horaire : 11H/13h (heure marocaine) - 10H/12 GMT

Objectif du webinaire : Favoriser une meilleure connaissance des expériences de la deuxième chance au Maroc et au Burkina ;

Activités du webinaire :

  • Allocutions d’inauguration (ministère de l’Éducation marocaine/ Moja) ;
  • Approches de lutte contre le décrochage scolaire au Maroc ;
  • Présentation d’une expérience marocaine de deuxième chance ;
  • Présentation d’une expérience Burkinabé de deuxième chance ;
  • Discussions ouvertes et recommandations.

Les outputs du webinaire :

  • Échanges sur les expériences respectives au Maroc et au Burkina-Faso ;
  • Recommandations.

NB : Le présent webinaire sera facilité par Monsieur SAID ERRAKIB, du Forum marocain pour l’apprentissage tout au long de la vie

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DVV International is dedicated to advancing Adult Learning and Education as a vital component of personal and national progress. DVV International Tanzania is arranging a peer learning visit at Hogoro Community Learning Center. This event presents an exceptional opportunity for Adult Learning and Education (ALE) service providers to come together, exchange experiences, and devise effective annual plans to bolster ALE services in their respective regions and districts. The event will include various stakeholders from the government and members of Community Learning Centers (CLC).
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