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ALE Practices

Embracing and spotlighting Adult Learning and Education (ALE) practices from Africa holds immense value for our community of adult education practitioners. Africa's dynamic landscape offers a wealth of diverse perspectives and innovative approaches to adult learning. By cataloging and sharing these practices, we not only honor this rich tapestry of knowledge but also unearth practical strategies that can inspire positive change. This endeavor underscores the collaborative nature of effective adult education, transcending geographical boundaries for a more inclusive and empowered society. Join us on this journey as we showcase various ALE practices towards building a more equitable, informed, and thriving educational landscape for all.


The collaboration between DVV International Tunisia and the Cultural Center of Arts and Crafts in Sammema was initiated in 2022. DVV International has provided support to the center through training programs in various fields such as distillation, artisanal creation, and culinary arts. Additionally, they have facilitated the acquisition of essential equipment, including kitchen supplies, to enhance the learning workshops. The video captures moments from the Cactourisme event, serving as an opportunity to discuss the event itself, our culinary training collaboration, showcase our activities, and reflect on the achievements of the two years of partnership.

"Cactourisme," a cultural, social, economic, and educational event, aims to highlight the richness of the prickly pear through roundtable discussions, culinary workshops, and artistic workshops. The event not only celebrates local culture and regional products but also promotes adult education and lifelong learning.

The testimonials from various participants not only speak to the success of the event but also emphasize the significance of the partnership and training programs, consistently incorporating the principles of lifelong learning, ongoing support, and guidance provided by DVV International.


The video is prepared for the specific objectives of broadcasting on a national television station by MoE airtime, DVV International financed the video production by a private media company. The major objective is to advertise the volunteer movement in adult education programs in line to mobilize and facilitate community groups on basic functional adult literacy programs in rural, and semi-urban areas.

Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is one of the most interesting places and unique places in Sub-Saharan Africa to volunteer within and abroad. As one of the oldest countries in Africa and the world, Ethiopia has a long national heritage and a distinct culture. However, it's still an underdeveloped country, and volunteer support is needed especially with community development, basic healthcare, and adult education. Adult education is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values. It can mean any form of learning adults engage in beyond traditional schooling, encompassing basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner.

The other second important message is about ‘the Education Torch’. Under the present circumstances, it is found very important and timely to evaluate the reading and writing skills of those citizens who took part in adult education and as a result, can read and write; and those who, though not involved in formal adult education, are yet able to read and write through having different learning opportunities; the evaluation program introduced for this purpose is called “Education Torch”; after the evaluation, the adults shall be recognized and certified on the basis of their evaluation results. In this regard, the video aims to introduce the Education Torch evaluation scheme and how adults are happy to be certified and join second-level programs like nonformal skill training, accelerated education, post-literacy, etc.


This film enlightens us about the potential for social integration and the acquisition of practical skills for both individual and group development through community education centers. It represents a process, an approach, and an innovation in adult learning that DVV International has successfully leveraged, making it accessible to all stakeholders in the Adult Education sub-sector in Mali. It serves as a perfect illustration of adult education, which you can explore further.


Uganda redesigned the provision of adult learning and community education services with the introduction of the Integrated Community Learning for Wealth Creation (ICOLEW) Programme. One of the delivery mechanisms for the ICOLEW Programme is through establishment of Community Learning Centers (CLCs). This video is a narrative of CLCs as vehicles for social economic transformation in Uganda, exploring key aspects with regards to their establishment, management, service delivery and institutionalization as a means to sustainability.