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3 novembre 2023 | Teddy Naluwu | Unbound, Uganda Benefits of ALE In Africa

Proscovia on her workshop with a client Kiganda Cultural wear
Ms. Nabasumba Proscovia is a former scholar through Unbound Kampala sponsorship program. She attained a diploma in Fashion and Design from YMCA comprehensive institute. She set up a vibrant workshop and training centre to equip youths with relevant skills in Fashion and Design to curb rampant unemployment rates among youths in Uganda. In 2017, Proscovia graduated with a diploma in Fashion and design. Pam Unique Fashions and Trainers is located along Jinja road in Bweyogerere town, Bweyogerere Parish, Kira Subcounty, Wakiso district in Uganda. Proscovia comes from a big family with many of her siblings not having had the opportunity to earn a descent education because their parents could not afford it. Proscovia’s desire to cause change in her family’s education and financial background became a driving factor for her to set up a workshop and training centre where she would later skill youth that dropped out of formal education for renewed opportunities. Through the sponsorship programme, Proscovia received an electric sewing machine for start-up capital from Unbound. In addition to her savings obtained after working for 2 years, she purchased two extra sewing machines and rented a place, where in 2019 she started a Tailoring workshop and later in 2020, registered a training centre – Pam Unique Fashions and Trainers. The institution is registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), and it enrols youth that dropped out of formal education into Fashion and design training. Proscovia started with eight youth; currently, she has 45 learners. Over the past 2 years, she has celebrated 78 graduates, 17 of whom graduated with DIT certificates and all of whom are enrolled into gainful employment. Currently, Unbound Kampala, through Pam Fashions and Trainers sponsors 15 youth, 3 of whom are survivors of early marriages. Proscovia says that “It makes me proud that I am able to support the youths, especially the girls to be able to acquire practical skills in fashion and design. By the end of 2 years, the learners can design beautiful, stylish clothes and accessories for different occasions, from casual wear, cultural to formal attires; outfits that match up to the current trends and styles of what the market demands. Unbound Kampala enabled me to acquire a meaningful education, and this inspires me to do the same for in my service towards the youth.” Proscovia, serves as a testimony of the potential that lies in practical skilling for youth and adult learners across ages. Through her job, she can earn above the global poverty line, financially support herself and her extended family, as she affirms, “I am happy that I have supported five of my siblings to complete school”. She has contributed positively to the community where she works as several of her learners are community members. The Trainers at her institution are former learners that excelled in their studies. Adult learning and education offer an opportunity to learners from vulnerable households to acquire knowledge and skills that they missed out previously. It ensures individual fulfilment, social cohesion, and economic prosperity (UNESCO). Unbound Kampala Sponsorship program is a contributes to learners’ achievement of their goals.