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In case you missed our WEBINAR on Adult Education for Formal and Non-formal Workspaces

31 October 2023 | MOJA Africa

The webinar featured an informative discussion on Adult Education and Learning for the workplace, encompassing both formal and non-formal workspaces.

Our esteemed speakers included Ms. Zahia Kacher from the Rural Women's Association, AFUD, in Algeria. Ms. Kacher delivered a presentation on the 'Promotion of Vocational Training through Learning.' Her insightful talk revolved around her work with rural women, where she emphasized the promotion of entrepreneurship to enhance their skills and capacity. The ultimate goal is to enable women to actively contribute to economic development, with a particular focus on advancing female entrepreneurship.

Following Ms. Kacher, Mr. Adekunle Tinuoye from the Micheal Imoudu National Institute For Labour Studies in Nigeria provided an overview of 'Labour Education in Nigeria.' He specifically highlighted the work and activities of the Micheal Imoudu National Institute For Labour Studies and its contributions. These contributions encompass educating workers about their rights, the importance of harmonious labor management relations, and the achievement of workplace peace and harmony.

Watch the recorded video here on our facebook page.